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solo retreats at the Vermont zen center

A retreat is a time and place to pull back from ordinary worldly activities, slow down, recharge, and refocus. Whether this is your first retreat or you are a long-time practitioner, silent reflection in a peaceful, nurturing environment brings countless benefits to body and mind.


Retreats provide peaceful time away from your everyday life.


Close proximity to the natural world helps you relax and focus.

Feel Inspired

Creativity and inspiration come from a change in outlook and having the time to listen.

Establish a Routine

Without other demands you can find your own rhythm and more easily establish a routine.

Why go on retreat?

Retreats help you become reacquainted with yourself, examine your priorities, and make concrete and practical resolutions for improvement and growth. Above all, for the serious spiritual practitioner, a silent personal retreat allows you to work single-mindedly on your practice at your own pace without distractions or expectations.

Who goes on retreats?

Retreats are for everybody—anyone can go on a retreat for many different reasons. Although retreat goers often seek spiritual development or renewal, you don't need to be religious or in a spiritual tradition to go on retreat.


The retreat cabin is situated near the Zen Center, but by itself.


Unlike many such cabins, ours has electricity, a kitchen, and a bathroom.


The size, 18' x 24', is large enough for walking meditation and exercise.

Year Round

The cabin is insulated, heated, and air conditioned.


fundraising committee for the retreat cabin


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Project manager

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The Vermont Zen Center was founded in 1988 to provide a peaceful environment for the study and practice of Zen Buddhism. The Center is dedicated to helping people overcome suffering through spiritual development and social outreach.

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