Kannon Day Ceremony at the Vermont Zen Center

January/February 2024

  • Self-Doubt, by Josh Kelman
  • Friendliness, by Joan White
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Thanksgiving at the Vermont Zen Center

November/December 2023

  • Workshop Practice, by Jim Kahle
  • Lessons From My Sheep, by Meredith Markow
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Bodhidharma Day at the Vermont Zen Center

September/October 2023

  • Bows and Prostrations, by Josh Kelman
  • Meeting Our Dharma Ancestors, by Greg Sheldon
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Vermont Zen Center Jizos

July/August 2023

  • Pilgrimage, by Ramiro Barrantes and Josh Berger
  • Lay Ordination, Water Baby Ceremony, more
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Roshi Philip Kapleau

May/June 2023

  • I Take Refuge in Sangha, by Jim Kahle
  • Blind Men Cross a Bridge, by Josh Kelman
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Jukai Ceremony at the Vermont Zen Center

March/April 2023

  • Life is Cause and Effect, by Nowa Crosby
  • Leap, by Aylie Baker
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