Roshi Philip Kapleau

May/June 2022

  • For the Time Being, by Nowa Crosby and Ramiro Barrantes
  • Homage to Our Teachers, by Josh Kelman
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Buddha Hall

March/April 2022

  • Illuminating Life, by Jim and Sheerya Berg
  • Choice, by Aylie Baker
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Vermont Zen Center Jukai Altar

January/February 2022

  • The Files We Live By, by Josh Kelman
  • Some Days in the Life, by Jim Kahle
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Vermont Zen Center New Year's Eve Buddha Hall Altar

December 2021

  • Community, by Emily Cross
  • Sangha Friendship, by Sylvia Fagin
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Vermont Zen Center Hungry Ghost Altar

October/November 2021

  • Practice in the Time of Pandemic, by Greg Heath
  • Sangha Gardening Reflections
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Jizo Bodhisattva

August/September 2021

  • The Practice of Weeding, by Adrian Williams
  • What is a Bodhisattva?, by Josh Kelman
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Roshi Philip Kapleau

May/June 2021

  • Working with Difficulty, by Jim Kahle
  • Roshi Kapleau Memorial sitting
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