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Term Student Program 2018

If you want to strengthen your Zen training, invigorate your sitting, and learn how to incorporate your practice into your daily life, consider joining this year’s Term Student Program. You will find that the Term Student Program is a shortcut to deeper concentration and greater understanding of Zen training. As well, you will discover that you are capable of working far more intensely than you had ever imagined. We all lead busy lives, which is why we cannot expect our practice to deepen of itself; we need to make it happen.

There are three levels of the Term Student Program, each with different requirements, expectations, program lengths, and Term Student forms. Please read carefully:

Level 3 (For more experienced practioners)
Term Student Application Form Deadline: September 1

Level 3 is a nine-week program from Tuesday, September 11 through Tuesday, November 13. Form Submission Deadline: September 1.
  • Participants must be a student of Roshi.
  • Participants must have participated in a minimum of five prior Term Student Programs.
  • The minimum commitment for daily zazen is 1.5 hours. This means zazen, not zazen plus chanting such as at the morning sitting.
  • It is expected that whatever one commits to is an increase over what one is currently doing. Therefore, if you are currently sitting 1.5 hours per day, during the Term Student Program you should increase that amount to at least 2 hours.
  • Daily chanting is required.
  • Daily Precept work is required.
  • Attendance at meetings is required either in person (Vermonters) or by Zoom (non-Vermonters). For couples with young children, adjustments will be made.
  • Attendance at all workdays and ceremonies is required for local participants. Non-local participants can participate in ceremonies either in person (ideal) or via Zoom. It is not expected that non-local participants will be at workdays, although it is appreciated.
  • Participants must attend a minimum of three sitting at the Center in addition to the Term Student meeting. (This will optional for local participants who live over 1 hour away, but strongly suggested. Obviously it is not a requirement for out of town participants.)
  • Participants must attend a minimum of two dokusans per week in person or by Skype (non-Vermonters only). For Vermonters, this means you will need to attend Wednesday morning sittings as there are only three times during the nine-week program when dokusan is offered on Sunday, Wednesday morning, and Thursday evening.
  • View PDF Sample TS3 Forms for 2018—Local | Out of Town